youre such an attention whore. obviously no one around you cares about you so you come here expecting people to kiss your ass. go to a therapist bitch.


Alright, here we fucking go.

One, I rarely complain to anyone, not even on tumblr. If by chance you see a post where I am noticeably upset, I can almost guarantee it will be deleted within twenty minutes.

Two, THIS IS MY BLOG. Unfollow me and move on with your life. Don’t check up on me. Definitely don’t complain about me fucking complaining because now you just look fucking stupid.

Three, I assure you, I do not expect anything from anyone. I will bend over backwards to make sure a person is comfortable and content in any given situation, and I don’t fucking ask for anything in return. It’s what my parent put in my head a long time ago and I have a feeling it will remain there until I decide for whatever reason being a shitty individual might just benefit me a little more.

Four, I mentioned before the likeliness of you actually knowing me on a personal level is very slim. You’re insulting someone you don’t fucking know, who’s the bitch again?

And five, don’t you ever fucking tell someone they need therapy.

Fuck you.

Who the fuck even goes on anon and says shit like that to someone? Some people man.. i swear